Monday, March 10, 2014

Adding in Tens

 We are learning to add money and count on in tens from any number. We had $2 to spend at the ice cream shop. We knew we could spend any amount under $2 but no more than $2. Different flavours cost different amounts.
Neesha's ice cream

Toby's ice cream
Here  are some of the ice creams we purchased. 
We were learning to count in tens over 100
eg. 95,105,115 and we changed that to 95c, $1.05, $1.15c
because 100c makes $1. 
Czar's ice cream
Faith's ice cream
Jacob's ice cream
Lawson's ice cream


  1. Yummy, I have just worked out my ice-cream flavours, keep up the great work team.

  2. THank you for the comment. We did find it hard when we added over the dollar. We hope you like your ice cream.

  3. I think i would like a strawberry and a banana scoop. Can someone from Room 8 come and tell me how much that would cost me please.

  4. Lawson I do like the pattern you have made with your ice cream.