Thursday, March 20, 2014

Making Connections to what we know

The Wonka reading group have been learning to make connections to their reading. When reading non-fiction books the children have been making connections to things they already know about the world. When we make connections it helps us to understand what we are reading.
Ayman's connections
Henrietta's connections
Neesha's connections
Mya's connections
 Zane's connections
 Jerome's connections
Bowen's connections


  1. What fantastic connections you are making in your reading, Room 8! Connections really help you to enjoy reading and to understand what you are reading.

    Great presentation of your connections, Ayman, Bowen, Henrietta, Jerome, Mya, Neesha, Zane.

  2. Henrietta's mumMonday, March 24, 2014

    Great connections. You learnt a lot about walruses, they do gave lots in common with other animals but I don't think they are quite as cute as those seal pups. What do you think Henri?

  3. A crazy bull... just perfect Bowen just perfect.