Friday, May 23, 2014


We have been learning the sounds two letters together make.
 The BFG reading group have made jumping mats to learn and remember the sounds. 
They are using these sounds to help them break up words when they are reading.

The 'ou' sound like in ouch!
The 'oa' sound like in boat.
Isabella looking for the 'ai' sound.

Toby flying through the air onto the 'oa' sound.
Toby calling the sounds for Bowen to jump on.
One rule that works most of the time is, 
when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking.

The children chose one of the sounds we have been working on and created a pic collage. Knowing the sounds also help us spell many different words. 
Created by Bailey
Created by Isabella
Created by Ruby
Created by Toby


  1. What an awesome way to learn.What a fun way to learn sounds.Keep up the hard work.Amazing work.

  2. Wow Bailey great work.I love the photos I love the house picture.

  3. What a neat video to help you remember the sounds. Very clever. Nice collages.

  4. Have great times learning sounds

  5. What a fun way to learn about vowels and sounds! Your teacher is so super cool room 8!!

  6. was that fun learning about your vowels He Waka Eke Noa: we are all in this together