Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Preparing for a party

We worked together with Room 14 to practise our learning about capacity. We had many different stations we needed to complete to get ready for a party.
Toby working with Keagan to find out
how many blocks the fruit weighs
Zane thinking...thinking...thinking
We measured in blocks and grams

Each person at the party will use 10mLs of sauce.
How much sauce will you need?
Isabella measuring 10mLs into
each container
Henrietta working out how much
sauce she will need for a party
15x10=150 mLs

Faith measuring sand for her
sand and water cake
Caitlyn counting in 1/2 litres
1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3

Adding 2L of sand to the sand and water cake

Reading the ingredients for the fruit punch

Bowen and Lealou checking their punch will
fit in the jug
George calculating his ingredients to make icing
Bailey and Cloe adding 1/2 teaspoon of each ingredient.
1 teaspoon =5mLs so 1/2 teaspoon =2 1/2 mLs

Thomas and Gwen making a basket to hold
between 60 and 80 lollies

Our human scale
Even though the icing sugar is smaller than the cornflakes it weighs more

Feeling what about 25 kgs feels like
Lots of mess, fun and learning. 

Some reflections from Room 8

I learnt how to count in 1/2s.
I learnt that weight is measured in grams and that 1,000 grams makes a kilogram.
I learnt that a teaspoon has 5 mLs and how to cut 5 in half.
I learnt 1 litre has 1,000mLs and I counted in thousands.
I learnt to count in 30s because I can count in 3s.
I got better at estimating how many mLs will fit in containers

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  1. I like being in room 8 because I lorn a lot of things