Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creative Photos

We have been learning to use the camera effectively.
Our challenge was to take photos of the letters of our name.
We had to look in different places and in different ways to find our letters.
We used lots of different camera angles and had to turn the camera in lots of odd ways to get the perfect shot.
We needed a lot of determination and keep trying in different ways to get the best shots.

Can you read each name?
Come into Room 8 to see all our names in our classroom.


  1. Very creative and clever Room 8. Well done!!

  2. What a very clever and creative way to show your name!

  3. These look great on the walls of you room. It makes you stop and study the photos closely so you can work out the letters and name of each individual in Room 8. Great job!

  4. They were kind of tricky too find out what name it
    is but I found out one and that is Emma great
    work Emma keep up