Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Fraction of a chance

The Pentagons have been learning how to find chance of something happening. 
We had a box of skittles and had to work out what the chance was of choosing our best flavour.

Question: What skittles could be in the box if there is 1/3 of a chance you choose your favourite colour?

There was lots of problem solving. 
Question: There is 1/4 of a chance to choose your favouite.

Here are some combinations of skittles.


Here are some of the solutions.

We had a tricky problem. There were 32 skittles 1/4 of the bag is your favourite colour and there are 5 different coloured skittles.
Jeevanjot's bag of skittles
We ended up by closing our eyes and choosing 2 skittles from the box.
Who got their favourite colour?

Thank you to Miss Hill and Mr G for supporting us with our learning.


  1. Wow, looks like so much learning and so much fun! I am sorry I missed it!

  2. That would be great fun.

  3. cool way to nuse skittles room 8 fun for maths from ZANE