Thursday, July 03, 2014


We have been learning to summarise information. 

We chose an animal we wanted to find out about and created Pic Collages to teach other people about the animal.
We were not allowed to copy out of the book but put the information into our own words.

Made by Ruby H and Bailey
Made by Toby and Teague
Made by Isabella
Made by Rana and Thomas
Made by Jeevanjot
Made by Logan and Zane
Made by Mya and Ruby L
Made by George and Emma


  1. Great summarizing Room 8. It's pretty tricky to change information in a book into your own words. What clever readers and writers you are. My aunty lives in Canada and she can sometimes here the wild wolves howling at night. I'm glad we don't have wolves in New Zealand.

  2. Great pic collages room 8

  3. Nice facts Toby and Teague