Saturday, July 05, 2014


We worked with buddies to make hovercrafts to end our unit on forces.
To make a hover craft you need
-An old CD
-A sipper bottle lid
-A balloon
and a 
-Hot glue gun
Bowen filling the gaps with the
glue gun so no air escapes
Rana gluing his lid onto the CD

 To begin with the hovercrafts were not working. We figured out together that air was escaping so we needed to make sure our hot gluing sealed the lid onto the CD completely.
Bailey filling the gaps

Faith carefully using the hot glue gun
George and Bailey working together to
attach the balloon to their hovercraft.

Ruby trying to lift the lid to let the air escape

Gemma blowing up her balloon
Thomas blowing up the balloon ready to attach
to his hovercraft

Hover Craft from tracey hill on Vimeo.

The hovercraft works because the air from the balloon lifts the CD up a little bit and reduces the friction. We tried the hovercrafts out on the carpet but no one liked that because it didn't work as well. We figured out there was more friction on the carpet.

Even though we can't see the forces we know they are there because things move. 
I wonder what other forces you will use throughout the holidays?


  1. Wow! Those hovercrafts were fantastic fun. Clever thinking room 8 to work out how to get them working better

  2. Wow room 8! Those are amazing hover crafts! I never thought you were so clever!!!

  3. Awesome hovercrafts room 8.I hope you had fun making them.Keep it up

  4. wow rana and caer with the bollaon.