Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas

To all Room 8 whanau I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday with the gorgeous Kidd-li-winks. It has been my pleasure and privilege to teach the Kidd-li-winks and watch them grow throughout the year. 


I look forward to seeing what all these wonderful children achieve in the future. I'm sure they will each find a way to make the world a better place. 

Love and smiles
Mrs H xxx

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Crazy Catos Bella

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Something that challenged me was the log challenge because we all got lost and confused. I really enjoyed the Burma trail because you never know what's coming next. Camp was awesome and a big challenge.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Creative Kidd-li-winks

We have been learning how to make pom poms. To make a pom pom we have needed to show lots of determination. We looked in Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration. Pinterest is a place where you can find lots of ideas to make and create. 

We planned what we wanted to create and began creating. Sometimes our plans worked perfectly and sometimes we needed to make changes to our plans because things didn't work out as expected. 

The Kidd-li-winks have shown so much creativity and have problem- solved when ideas haven't worked. Look at some of the amazing creations. 

Created by Jacob

Created by Jerome

Created by Thomas
Created by Max

Created by Henrietta

Created by Ruby

Created by Bailey

Created by Logan
Created by Bowen

Created by Neesha

Created by George

Created by Bella

Created by Ruby
Created by Mya

Created by Isabella

Camp Lealou

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I learnt to stand one meter away from archery and I could hit the target. I really enjoyed hut building because it challenged me. Camp was lots of fun!

Camp Reflection Logan

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Something that challenged me was the Massey Ferguson because I did not know what a Massey Ferguson was I thought it was a person. I really enjoyed the water slide because it was super fast. Something that challenged me was archery because I did not know how to use a bow and arrow.i lent how to move a raft .I had to show determination in the burma trail with a blindfold because I could not see a thing

Camp Reflection Neesha

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Puff puff running towards the picnic tables I slid under. Ready for the next clue Sharie snatched an envelope and ripped it open.It said find a giant bite in the hills.Pit pat pit pat we ran down the ramp
 and opened the gate. Running down the grass we saw a colossal bite in the hillside gleaming in the sun. Yes we've done that now whats next? George grabbed another clue. it said find the wood pile and count how many there are and oh my gosh that took  a long time.Next Logan opened a  clue it was find  a walnut shell and make it  float across pool without using your hands.But guess what I almost fell IN!!! The Amazing Race was a challenge and lots of fun. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Camp Reflection Sharie

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The archery was so fun I loved it. The water slide was awesome and I loved the pool. I love the food and the challenges.

Camp Reflection George

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I really loved the Amazing Race because when I hopped on the raft it went back and forward and the raft wobbled like jelly I had to stay in the middle to make the raft go steady. I learned how to show determination I had to work together as a group when we had to push the water to make the wallnut shell go to the other side of the pool. Camp was so fun.

BB Bowen

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I enjoyed the raft because I nearly fell off the raft.Something that challenged me most was the archery because the arrows wobbled like jelly. I learnt that new things are hard but if you show determination it wont be hard like when I didn't want to do the Burma Trail but I had to show determination and in the end I liked it.

Racing Rabbits Ruby

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Something that challenged me was archery because you had to pull the string back to your shoulder and I was not stronge enough to pull the string back to my shoulder then the second time I pulled string back to my shoulder.I learnt how to play Giant Foozeball you are probably wondering what Giant Foozeball is you know the game where the little plastic men are in this game and you move the little people around .instead of the plastic men it was YOU.